After Market Accesories

Hallo zusammen !
I had ordered a construction plate from the after market for testing β†’

This arrived today and I would like to leave a short feedback here. Surely we should first continue to support Bambu at their fair prices, but if a time no Bambu PEI plate is available, this is an alternative.

The plate is made of PEI spring steel structured on both sides and exactly the same size as the original Bambu PEI. The structuring seems to me to be a little finer than the Bambu plate. The first print on the plate directly out of the box, without cleaning, or pre-treatment is excellent. The thickness of the plate is also identical to the original PEI plate. The shipping from China to Germany was with 7 days much faster than stated.

Again, I do not want to promote foreign products here, but only show alternatives in case the Bambu store these are not available. Otherwise, I am more in favor of Bambu to support, because Bambu with their prices is also fair.

Now a few more pictures.


The aftermarket hot end from Aliexpress arrived today


I think it’s the same as what was already presented here: First Benchy printed with Bambulab X1 & CHT Nozzle

Since there seems to be an issue with the hotend being 1.6mm too long for standard nozzles, I started measuring it.

The original Bambu hotend is exactly 47.22mm long and the aftermarket hotend had a length of 47.56mm.

But since the hotend comes disassembled, I was able to easily file down the tube that goes into the heatbreak to get exactly the same length as the Bambu hotend

For the users who still want the 1.6mm shorter, there is still 2mm space, so you could still shorten pipes the 1.6mm.

The inserted nozzle has the following dimensions:
Overall length = 10.7mm
Thread length = 6.52mm
Thread diameter = 5.88mm (M6)

I have not done a print test with it yet.

I hope the information can be helpful for one or the other.


Hello all,

new plate new luck.

First but once a short feedback on the plate presented in the first post. This has now replaced my original Bambu PEI plate and is in daily use. I do not know how a difference in the bed adhesion wmessen could, but felt the adhesion is better than the original plate.

Today a new construction plate arrived, again from Aliexpress.

This time it is a PEI plate with two different sides, which again fits perfectly for the BAmbu printer.

The first side is the already presented golden structured surface and the second side is a PET film surface in carbon mat optic.

Because I already introduced the golden PEI side in the first post, I will limit myself here to the PET side.

The surface is smooth and has a carbon optic and hinted structure which leaves a carbon optic on the print.

I find the adhesion to the smooth PET side to be good. I printed the sample shown here out of the box in PLA and PETG without pretreatment and both adhered very well.

I am thrilled, especially with the Carbon Optic on the print underside.

Next I ordered this PEO plate and I am looking forward to see how prints from this print side will look like.

As always, I hope that some of you found this information useful.