I was looking to purchase longer PTFE tubes for my A1 Mini, so that I could move the AMS a little further from the printer (on the wall). When I went on the Bambu store, I found that there are two version, a clear tube for the P/X1 and a grey tube for the A1. The clear version is 12.99 (for the 4000mm) and the grey version is 17.99 (for the 4000mm).

I think that I would prefer the clear, but I wanted to see if there was a reason that I should stick with the A1/Grey?



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Bump. Wondering this myself. I ordered a roll of the gray A1 tubing for my dry boxes but I’m wondering if there’s a quality difference between the gray and clear versions.

I decided to go with the 12.99 clear version, as I can see the colour of the filament in the tube easier (not a huge deal).

So far it is working fine, though the tube did come with a ‘pinch’ in one please which I think I’m going to have to cut out as it does make it challenging to load filament through that spot.

when I need to replace the PTFE tubing again, I will try the grey and see.

Thanks for giving an update. My order with the gray tube arrives tomorrow. I can’t imagine it being much different, especially for a dry box where I won’t need a long piece.