Allow automatically update a previously imported model from Printables

Hi, I have many models on Printables that I update revisions/variant models to recently. When I import them into MakerWorld, the original models and description only get pulled over once. When I update the original Printables model page with a new file or description, right now I need to manually update the MakerWorld listing to keep the details up to date and in sync.

It would be convenient to have a feature to update previously imported models with the new model info on Printables so I only need to do the manual typing and file upload in one location. I could delete all my imported models on MakerWorld and reimport them each time but that would be counterintuitive and mess with comments and makes for a model. This manual copy paste and reupload for previously imported models is one of the things keeping me from hosting my Printable models on MakerWorld and making printing and profiles easier for Bambu users of my models.

Since MakerWorld already knows which Printables link I originally imported a model from, this could be easily accomplished with either:

  1. Including previously imported models on the Import page that I can check a box for to “reimport” or sync up.
  2. Add an enable-able option for each imported model to automatically update with its linked Printables model.



I too would really like to see this feature.

The easier it is, the more likely I am to continue to put my content on makerworld.