Allow user to cancel filament loading from spool holder

Hello everyone,

I think there should be an option to cancel the filament loading from external spool.
I’ve been having the issue that I accidentally request my X1C to load the external spool by accident, causing the printer to get stuck in the “Push new filament into extruder” step in the load filament procedure.

Since I don’t see any possible way to cancel that procedure anywhere on the printer or the Bambu Studio/Handy, I am forced to manually switch off the printer and turn it back on to recover from that step.


I had this yesterday also where I needed to cancel because I had a clog.

I ran into this same problem with my P1S – nozzle stays heated at 250 degrees C until it eventually stops heating, but the printer is stuck at the “External filament is missing: please load a new filament” prompt, and there’s no way to cancel it.