Am I allowed to print my own designs?

I‘m printing my own desings from Makerworld, today I saw that I got 30 points after I printed one of my own design. That can‘t be right. I didn‘t know that my downloads count toward the points.
I don‘t want get banned for that. But for me makerworld is very convenient to upload my stuff and just klick on it when i want to print it.

Don’t worry about it. Your print will only count once (since the last update).

I usually use bambu handy to do the first print to photograph all my profiles. I have A LOT of profiles I have done this for. No problems. A few of my profiles I have printed multiple times, no issues though it does stop counting (good!) for stats.

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Ok thank you guys, I was a little worried because last November I got banned redeeming points for 1 month and I still don’t know why.

I regularly print my own designs via the Bambu Handy app. I actually thought it didn’t count points for that, or was limited in some manner. I just think it’s… Handy… to do! That pun was terrible, but required. I’m sorry.

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i never use the handy app, i‘m kind of old fashioned and print via bambu studio

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I am for the most part too. I met someone with an A1 Mini though that didn’t have a computer, and it kind of blew my mind. I made it a point after that to use the Handy app, so I knew what I was giving people when I publish my print profiles.

It is pretty nice for simple single part models and the such. Not sure I’d do a really complex model/print via the phone app. I’d rather double check it in Bambu Studio before I sent it to print.


yeah i‘m always going through the setting but that is what i‘m used too after 8 years of printing. but i barely use my phone at home and the handy app sucks on the ipad.

Preach it!

I get disappointed every time I open the Handy app on the ipad.

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I asked this question in another thread. It looks like printing own models does count towards the stats, and is rewarded with points then, as confirmed by OP.

It shouldn’t be counted, not even for 1 time. But if Makerworld allows it, it should clearly state that printing own models is allowed. This way everyone can do it without breaking their own moral code. @MakerWorld

This should also be an easy fix or? I mean they should see the serial numbers for the prints i guess and know which printers are associated to an account. At least for the majority of honest people that use one account for their printers and not multiple. I find it also very convenient to print from the MakerWorld site instead of having to search the Bambu file on the PC again.

I definitely agree a user should be able to print their own designs without penalty but if they earn points then somebody is going to abuse it. Like Leif3D said, it should be easy to police.

Curious what the official rule is.

It’s a very simple one line code edit to exclude the downloads, prints, etc from the uploader’s account from counting. No need to do any policing.

The question now is: is this an oversight, or …

Bambu Lab sells filament. The more you print, the more filament you buy.
It does not matter who prints the part. It can be the author or someone else.

I do not see a problem with points getting awarded with every print, regardless of who does the print. There is no rule against that.

If it’s a policy, then MW should clearly state that so everyone can do it without any qualm to: 1) get rewards, and 2) improve one’s models’ ranking on the Trending page.

p.s.: This may partially explain why MW said they noticed some models with multiple plates having the plate with the smallest part printed repeately. People may have thought about this and keep printing their own model the quickest way to get rewards.