AMS Backup filament + Matching colours

Can someone please tell me how to setup a backup filament with a full set set of reels in the 4 holders?

The thing is i want to only backup to the same colour filament, does the AMS backup ensure that the colours match too?


It should, but its pretty easy to test whether or not it works, just set up a test print with backup enabled. as soon as it starts printing the item you cut the filament used at the spool. then see what the printer does once it runs out of filament in the tube.
as for enabling it i think it was just a toggle somewhere, probably in the printer/ams settings.

Here is a post with some really good points and tips.


The above is basically correct, you setup the AMS slots with the same filament settings and it will auto-reload if the checkbox is on.

Sometimes filament gets stuck on the roll becuase the end of it is clipped too hard into the spool. The AMS will try a few times to get it, but it might fail here. I’ve never had it happen on a Bambu roll however; I think they try to wind it in a way that avoids this.