AMS color setup with non bambu filament

I’m kinda confused , lets say i have 3 bambu spools in the ams but 1 is polymaker for example. i sync my ams add the fourth , i click the color and type but when i print it only shows the 3 bambu spools and doesnt know the color of the 4th? what am i doing wrong? and how do i set up non bambu rolls to print multi color prints and make sure the ams picks the right color in the right slot?

For some reason (probably all software) AMS does not see custom materials. The only version on which I have seen the material I created is Orka 1.9.1
Neither the latest Bambu Studio nor Orca 2.0 show custom materials in AMS.

In lan only mode work even on 1.9.1 :frowning:

I learned the hard way that there are two ways to setup filament profiles and one is definitely better than the other for trying to sync to the AMS and getting the colors/options you want automatically. There’s good wiki article that covers that here:

Using method one will give you the results you want - you just have to build the filament profiles the first time when you calibrate (or just copy a generic profile and change the color if calibration isn’t your thing). When your custom profiles are complete, you can change the non-Bambu spools to match their custom profile in the DEVICE tab. When you go back to the PREPARE tab you should be able to “sync changes” to the AMS and the AMS slots should update to reflect the colors and filament options you want to see.

I was using method 2 and never understood why the sync process never worked properly to reflect what was actually in the AMS - creating custom filament profiles the “correct” way fixed that. If (like me) you’ve created a bunch of profiles the “wrong” way, you can screenshot the settings and transfer them into a new profile the “correct” way and delete the old profile.

I’m sure there’s a better way to do this, but this is what worked for me :man_shrugging:

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It works properly for me, but sometimes Bambu Studio doesn’t immediately get updated with the new filament in the AMS, so I need to trigger it to get updated by either clicking File->New Window or closing and reopening the app. When you click File->New Window, both the new window and the original old window will be updated with the latest info from the AMS.

thank you for taking the time to respond

i understand that but i was talking about non bambu spools. Lets say a print requires 4 colors and i only have 3 out the 4 spools in bambu with rf chip. and i want to setup the 4th color with a non bambu brand say for example sunlu. Even if i add it to the ams and edit the color when it comes time to print it doesnt recognize it

I’m talking about non Bambu spools also, it works fine for me.

Maybe post some pictures/screenshots that show what you are setting for the filament and then what you see later when you try to print.

On what version of Bamboo Studio do the filaments you created appear in the filament selection in AMS?

It just shows the slot like a2 and under that a grey question mark. I have manually select it even though i added it in the filament setting. And how can i set which slot that non bambu spool belongs to?

I know it can be done because i have printed user prints with non bambu filament and the filament section was already filled with non bambu spools and their color and all i had to do was hit print BUT and heres the but , i had only bambu spools and color in the ams.