AMS excessive noise

Hello has anyone else had an issue with a loud grinding/wining sound coming from where the filament comes out. I have two AMS units and when one of them feeds it is worse than fingernails on a chalk board. My dogs go crazy when they hear it, sounds like the drive motor or gears are grinding together.

Is it with Bambu Lab filament? Or perhaps the spool edges are rubbing against something inside the AMS?

With any filament it is definitely not the spools if anything motor and gears in bottom of AMS where filament comes out. I am using the same spools in both AMS units.

Intriguing, have you tried any level of disassembly of the AMS unit? Just perusing some info and there are some good internal pics in this guide.

I have ordered the little gear that goes in the spot I hear the noise. I have not taken it apart due to not wanting to void any warranty it is obviously new.

If you purchased an AMS active extrusion wheel assembly, how do you plan to replace it without taking anything apart? …unless you intend to invoke the warranty, in which case, you wouldn’t have purchased the individual part.

I think it’s worth noting that BL has provided guidance via the wiki on replacing AMS internal components. I would be surprised if warranty is voided when following one of their procedures.

Friendly note - How long you’ve had you’re printers or how many hours you have on them isn’t known so the level of newness isn’t obvious to everyone.

The Visio I sent is the first ever print with the AMS and only 3rd print ever on printer. I have had everything since Dec 27th. I do plan on taking the AMS apart but have learned to reach out to the company before touching a new machine. I build and repair printers and computers. I also work for a car dealership and now not to void a warranty. If you say take it apart I will I ordered the wheel so when I do if it needs it I have it. I have been using the M3D crane quad multi color printer for years and have been eager for a color 3D that actually works. Yours seemed to be the best new product so far I am happy but also disappointed. I am glad that you have been responding quickly.

@my97ss That seems like a cool job! I’m sure you have tons of interesting experiences and knowledge in various electronics…way more than me. I’m not with Bambu Lab, I’m just trying to be helpful and share useful resources to other like-minded folks. I’m curious what ends up happening with the noise and if the new extrusion wheel assembly works out for you. The only other thing I would check before taking apart my own AMS would be to ensure the printer and AMS firmware were up-to-date. I actually had to update my printer firmware when I got it a couple weeks ago because I couldn’t get through the initial calibration.

So I did watch video and take the AMS apart, The only thing I noticed was gear close to the plastic housing so I tweaked it just a bit put it all back together and sounds normal. I am not sure if I really moved it or just taking apart and carefully resembling it but it is the same as the other.

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That’s good to know, thanks for the update. I’m glad it sound better now for you.

Last night, I had some filament break off inside of the AMS and I ended up having to take the internals apart to remove the filament. I was worried I might damage something during disassembly as well but it was surprisingly pretty straightforward when following the wiki.

Let us know if you hear the noise again and thanks for your feedback!