AMS feeding issue

I just got my X1 Carbon and AMS and after connecting everything tried a test print. Immediately I encountered an issue with filament feeding to the extruder where the filament follows the path all the way to the extruder then keeps trying to feed, causing the PTFE tube that connects to the AMS to pop out and continue feeding. I have pushed the PTFE in as far as it will go but it doesn’t seem to make a very firm connection inside the AMS. The only way I was able to get it to load properly and then print was to very firmly hold the PTFE tube into the back of the AMS while it tries to feed, otherwise no luck.

See linked video:

PTFE tube issue

this is a very annoying issue on a brand new printer. I have checked that buffer is connected properly and the path is clear… but something is obviously wrong. Perhaps its just that the PTFE tube connection at the AMS has an issue or its something else but I’m at a loss as to where to go from here and so far have no heard from Bambu on my support ticket. Any help / advice would be appreciated.

Excuse me if you already tried this but…

Did you press down the two buttons inside the AMS while your were pushing the PTFE tube in? I would attach an image but that doesn’t seem to be working at the moment. Click the link below and the first image with the two red arrows.

Replacing the AMS internal filament hub | Bambu Lab Wiki

Also, did you try removing the PTFE tube entirely and swapping the connections? There might be an issue with the end of the tube connecting to the AMS.

I have tried both things. Although the buttons don’t really seem to depress much (if at all) so I’m not sure if that component is working properly or not since it really is not difficult to remove the tube compared with the other connection points.

the rubber guide on the outside does not line up perfectly with the connector inside. 99% sure you are just missing it. wiggle it around more as you press and it should grab.
i have 4 AMSe and one of them is quite stubborn about it. takes quite a few stabs to get it to lock.

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Did you manage to resolve this. If so how?

I have not. I have tried all of the suggestions here, along with those suggested by the support team without luck. It appears that my AMS is defective (or at least the PTFE tube connection point is. Its been a very frustrating experience so far. The lack of phone support (or at least live chat) is frustrating. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

I’d start dissembling the AMS so you can get a good look at the connector. You should at least 100% be able to tell what the real problem is.
Follow Replacing the AMS internal filament hub | Bambu Lab Wiki up to step 3.

I have done so. I disassembled the AMS and checked on it. I can’t see WHY, but the retainer for the PTFE tube on the AMS doesn’t hold the tube firmly enough. I can see no other issues. In principle though, since this AMS has NEVER worked (I only received it a few weeks ago) I should not have to disassemble and repair a defective purchase. This is basic warranty stuff. It should work out of the box.

Fair. I initially thought you had removed the tube and couldn’t get it back in but after re-reading it seems it did that is from the factory installation of the tube.
Good luck. Hopefully support has a solution.

The current theory from support is that the issue is a defective filament buffer. They’re sending a new one out. I have my fingers crossed that this will fix the issue.

The outside boot is just glue on …I pulled the boot off since it was getting in the way of the button …once I did that I was abled to lock in the PFTE Tube (after 25 tries!)

I have had this same issue since the printer was new. It really takes THREE fingers, two to push down the 2 ‘buttons’ inside the AMS, and a third to try to align the black rubber tube so they align. But there is NO ROOM for 3 fingers. Getting these aligned so the PTFE tube really goes into black tray-side sleeve is hell, and unless it’s really in (rather than just butted up to it), filament may not feed. Very faulty design, IMO. Or I have a faulty and misaligned part.