Ams fillament running out ,

Was wondering if there is anyway you can use a different fillament on another slot to finish a print if you run out ?

If you lie to the printer & choose the same filament as the other slot…but it doesn’t work if you use Bambu spools unless you’ve removed the RFID Tag.

Ah I see your point ,but I use the Bambu ones because I like the rfid chips ,bit of a double edged sword that for me then :joy: :joy: it has its good points and bad ones at same time .would be good for
Bambu to look are putting something in app to bypass that so you could carry on with print if you not near it at Time and could poss work to a quirk too for changing colour whenever you wanted to through a print !! Just a few ideas I have …

When the filament is empty, the printer stops and waits. When you then set a different color in the same AMS slot and press continue, then the printer continues without check for the color.
But yes, this way you have to be near the printer when filament 1 runs out to put in a new filament 2 in the AMS.

New Mod, RFID blockers for your AMS… Only way to do it currently I guess, I gave up on the chips a while ago and haven’t looked back. Each to their own though :slight_smile: