AMS - flushing volumes calibration & purge reduction

The AMS was the unique selling point to me for buying my X1CC.
I am satisfied with its performance but the AMS annoyed me a bit with its slow changes and huge amounts of wasted material. After a while, I got frustrated motivated enough to embark on improving it myself.

Back in July I published my “Bambu Lab AMS better purge Gcode” on Printables alongside a calibration method. Things evolved, MakerWorld came into existence … but nothing from BL addressing flushing volumes. → So, I now doubled down and my latest G-code alongside two methodical calibration prints made it to MakerWorld with refined upload information:

V1, preferably using Orca Slicer and

V2, tailored around Bambu Studio.

If you’re inclined to using them or willing to participate as volunteer in the testing phase, please check them out.
Regarding potential problems/bugs/improvements: Tell me about it, I am reading here :wink:

I am curious, what do you think?
  • Filament is cheap, 100mm³ of standard filament isn’t even one cent… Why bother?
  • Finally, I will use just the calibration prints.
  • Nice. I will use both, the calibration prints and that custom G-code.
  • Just the G-code for me. - The shorter printing time is what is of value to me here.
  • That’s all nice and dandy, but I am waiting (maybe an additional year) for updates by Bambu Lab and a slicer implemented calibration.
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The Bambu Studio re-calculate feature for flushing volumes is out. - And I disabled it instantly…

Pictures show auto-calc. values vs values determined via calibration prints (no name PETG):


On average just 43% of the BS estimated material is needed per filament change.

My eye says everything above 300mm³ is overkill with this material & color scheme.

Anyone else intersted in sharing results?


flushing volume
Pictures before and after calibration. Silver to other is a bit to low, because the silver shimmer is traceable in the other bands, however, it is so little that i think it doesn’t matter. The other numbers are a bit on the safe side.
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