AMS Hub motor wiring

Does someone know how the motor is wired ?

There is 6 cables.

It seems to me that GND and 24V are on the sides (a LED connected to the sides turn on when I turn the motor), but when I apply 24V the motor doesn’t turn.

Normal ?

Any idea about the other 4 wires ?

If you have an arduino board. Here is a tutorial for driving a stepper motor.

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Thanks, but I’m not really interested about Arduino, I would like to know how the AMS motor is wired.

The fact that the wires are all black on mine doesn’t helps to identify which cable do what.

You will need something that will drive the motor. Something like an arduino. But there are many different ways to drive a stepper motor. Most them are driven with an dedicated chip with software.

And that tutorial explains what each wire does.

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OK, it seems you don’t understand the question.

I don’t care about Arduino, and all wires are black on my AMS motor.

What I want is to know how the AMS motor is wired.

Something like that :

Or that :

On Nema motors I use a LED to identify the phases, but the 6 wires AMS motor is not usual to me.

WHat0s strange is that with LED test,the following combination turn the LED on when I rotate the motor :

So I’m not sure it’s a standard stepper motor.