AMS is having extrusion issues with one slot only

I have been using this P1S printer and AMS with no issues for a month now. Just discovered was an issue with Slot 3 of the AMS failing prints because of under extruding and printing poorly. I cleaned and cold pulled nozzle thinking that was the problem but if I take the same spool of filament and move it to any other slots it prints the same file great. If I load a different spool to slot 3 it still has issues with under extruding. From various troubleshooting attempts I have narrowed it down to it must be an issue with the AMS Slot 3 and not a clogged hot end or anything mechanical other than slot 3. It appears to feed filament during printing as normal and there are no errors displayed other than the poor/failed prints.
During my trials I used Bambu basic PLA filaments

Found the issue. It was caused by the k-factor setting was at 0.2 instead of 0.02 which I think was caused by either printing some Petg or a file loaded that changed it.


Thank you. I was having the same issue and this was the cause.

I just started having this same issue about a week ago, same slot and everything. It followed a recalibration. I am not sure if that had anything to do with it, but I did put in a trouble ticket with Bambu and have not heard anything yet. This happens with all types of filament Bambu and generic default settings.