AMS jammed after printing with PP

I got my AMS unit yesterday and have been using it with PLA filament with my P1S.

Today I tried to print with RepRapper PP filament for the first time. According to the Bambu Lab AMS store page, PP is a supported filament. The print (a calibration cube) didn’t turn out great, but I was still in the process of tweaking the preset. The more concerning part was the AMS unit (not the printer/nozzle itself) jammed once the print was completed. I had to cut the filament myself, remove the PTFE tube from the back of the AMS unit, and manually pull out the stuck filament.

Did I do something wrong? I don’t see how it could be anything related to my preset if the jam occurred in the AMS itself. I wouldn’t expect a new AMS to jam with a new roll of filament that’s officially listed as supported. Has anyone had this experience with PP filament? Maybe the issue is with the RepRapper filament and not the AMS unit? Or should I just not try to print PP with the AMS anymore?

I never tested RepRapper PP, but I faced jams in the AMS. Based on this, I would guess that the spool size is inadequate.

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size is inadequate.i had the same issue

Pretty sure that PP support claim is an error, PP is much softer than TPU which is not supported…

Pretty sure that PP support claim is an error, PP is much softer than TPU which is not supported…

Could someone from @BambuLab please confirm this?

My relation with BL is solely as a customer, yet if you want some official info, below you will find the AMD Tech Specs:

which you may also find at:

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We know PP is in there, but I’m pretty sure it’s an error.
I only have one spool of PP, but it’s like a wet noodle and softer than most TPU, so I can’t imagine it working in AMS properly.

Hi @zviratko
Sorry, I didn’t read it with the proper attention. Thanks for the alert.

I only had one PP spool before I had a BL printer.
If my memory is trustful, it was soft but not as TPU, and it was a pain to stick to the bed.

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t use it in the AMS.
It could work, but for sure, with limitations.

@gsgx If you want a BL answer, I suggest a ticket. It may take a few days, but you will receive official feedback (if so, please share it).

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Unrelated to your original post but I was wondering what plate you used for PP and if you needed to use any glue. Thanks