AMS Lid size

anyone work on a taller lid for the AMS? The only problem with many third party filament spools is that they contact the lid when closed and stop the spool from turning, I keep the lid open a bit and all is ok, but Bambu–just make a lid about 8 MM taller, please.

Please! I would love to be able to seal the AMS and use as a dry box but I have a large supply of Atomic filaments :sob:

Maybe this will help you?

Bambu Lab X1 AMS Lid Spacer: This spacer is designed to allow the Bambu Lab AMS to accept slightly larger diameter spools of filament with the lid closed: Lab X1 AMS Lid Spacer by misterpeppery - Thingiverse

But it is only for spools up to 206mm.

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