AMS Lite and auto-refill

I haven’t been able to get the auto-refill to work on the A1 AMS Lite. It’s switched on in the AMS options and I’ve specified two of the spools with exactly the same filament brand and type, but it didn’t auto refill and instead prompted me to replace the spool that ran out (which worked fine, but needed my attention).

Is this fully implemented on the AMS Lite? Or perhaps only works with Bambu Labs filament? (I specified the two spools as eSUN PLA+ with exact same colour)


I found this post but I am also having the same issue with no luck. I have tried many things, like now its out and im stuck at work with three full filaments on stand by!

It worked for me last night with Bambu filament. I haven’t had a chance to try it with other brands again yet.

I just started having the same problem with my A1 Mini AMS Lite. The “Auto Refill” worked twice a couple of weeks ago, now it doesn’t. Both on the printer and in Bambu Studio I see two of the same-colored spools, but it won’t switch over. I now must swap out the empty spool in the same AMS slot.

Any ideas? @BambuLab

Same problem with my A1 and AMS lite. Even if I set the same color, manufacturer and type. The printer just waits for the spool to change instead of continuing to print from the other spool. Only tested with other manufacturers. I have not tried with the official bambulab filament.

Same here, any luck getting it to work?