AMS LITE problem

Yesterday suddenly the lights on the AMS Lite were flashing red and the printer no longer recognized the AMS.
I proceeded to turn off the printer, disconnect the cables and reconnect everything, but nothing happened.
Having another printer with AMS lite, I proceeded to reverse the AMS: the result is that both do not work with flashing red LED lights. Has this happened to anyone else?
At this point I think something has happened to both the printer and the AMS lite.

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Can you elaborate a little more? you say reverse the AMS and both don’t work. Are you saying you tried two different ams’s with the printer and neither work?

Here is Bambu’s wiki page for troubleshooting your issue:
(AMS lite can not be detected by the printer | Bambu Lab Wiki)

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Printer A with AMS Lite A: AMS has red led
Printer B with AMS Lite B: AMS it’is OK
Printer A with AMS Lite B: AMS has red led
Printer B with AMS Lite A: AMS has red led

I would say you are 100% correct. Whatever failed caused both to fail. Best thing you can do is create a support ticket at this point. No one on the forum can get you replacement parts, thats all through support tickets.

Ticket opened March 4th, still no response. Luckily the goal was to respond within 48 hours.

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Did they ever get back to you? If they did what was the problem?

Yes, problem solved. They sent me a new motherboard for the printer and AMS lite.