AMS Not Detecting Bambu Filament Chip

Bought a new Bambu filament (with the chip) but AMS is not detecting the chip. I can manual-input info and run normal. Anyone else have this problem?

hmm could he a dodgy rfid chip. I know for me when i bought a bulk load of th years ago ie 1000 stick on rfid chips, like 200 of them refused to work. do you have another of the same type of filament you could cut and stick onto the roll. or any other roll with a chip to test if its the reader? or can you move the roll position in the ams? Rfid is picky too, hopefully it ends up working for you.

UPDATE Turns out the chip reader was not working on any reel so I power-cycled and now everything is functional.


Same problem here. After a power-cycle it reads the filament. Wish they would fix this. Its been a problem for far too long.

same problem here.

by power-cycle do you mean simply by turniong it off and on ? or factory rest?

Off and then on. (extra characters)