AMS not recognized by X1 Carbon

Hi everyone,

I have a first issue to report and it’s one with my AMS. The unit gets recognized by the printer and after that, the red lights start flashing on all 4 slots and the X1 Carbon doesn’t see the unit anymore. It’s a bit strange because after unplugging the AMS and re-plug it will do the same again. Last week I only had this issue once and now it starts to get way more frequent. Rebooting the printer also does not help and I also replaced the cable. Still had one from the first AMS unit I received during the promo/testing period.

Did you check if the AMS and/or printer firmware was up-to-date? Sorry if that’s too obvious; I’m curious what other error messages you may be receiving. I had some issues with printer calibration out of the box that were unexplainable, only to find that the firmware hadn’t yet been updated; after that, everything worked great.

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I’m having the same issue. It worked last night. Now no lights. I measured the voltage at the printer connection to the first connection of the AMS and it was only 8v ( should be 24v ) at the Printer and got to zero by the time I checked at the cable to the AMS. I’m going to check the connections on the controller as this suggests a connection that isn’t fully seated.

I am having the same problem. It has happened about 15 days ago. Worked on day and nothing the next. I don’t have the ability to check voltages. I have sent 3 support tickets with no response. No way to talk to a real person. Have you been given any guidance?

I have been having the same issue. I think there is a very poor connection on all the plugs, and the vibrations can cause it to lose connection randomly. I can unplug/replug my cables to get it to reconnect, but it will randomly disconnect in the middle of a print or during filament change.

They basically made a poor engineering choice of the communication cables design and orientation.

Same. It appears to be the first cable out of the printer.

Same issue, AMS loses connection (all lights blinking red) and when I unplug and re-plug any of the AMS communication cables it fixes it only for a minute before the AMS loses connection again.