AMS not recognizing Bambu filament type

Thanks for pointing in the right direction, @JonRaymond ! Our X1C wasn’t detecting any Bambu filament for months until I finally decided to dig into this. I found that the setting ‘Update on startup’ was disabled. After enabling and restarting the printer, it did a clean check of all filaments and detected all Bambu RFIDs perfectly. It was merely a minor nuisance but it’s nice to have it working again :slightly_smiling_face:

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I agree with you, so far the detection was working except for the last slot, I used a none Bambu filament and it was always setting it to PVA but it was a PC, I was expecting not recognised filament. To be able to enter the specs manually wich menu I did not get. If I put the PC wheel on 3rd position, I had a not recognised filament so When I pressed on the feed button I got the Menu to enter the specs of the filament. When I was using Bambu filaments, When I feed the filament the machine did not turn the spool enough so that the RFID of the spool did nor reach the sensor and therefore could not detect the filament type and color. The problem is sofware but it somehow intemitent. Because I did not have any software update and on the same day it stopped working. It couls be by entering manual date in the AMS system could affect the normal operation of the AMS. Now I am looking for a way to reset the ems setup to its factory setting.
Now I have another problem, the printer think that there is an external spool, I have none installed. There is nothing cludge. It is like if the program has gone crazy. Now I am sure that the problem is comming from the firmware.