AMS power off and reboot - [Feature Request]

Powering off the AMS from the Hany App or Bambu Studio would be valuable.
I.e. stop power and communication between the printer and AMS, as if a cable is disconnected. I am unsure about hardware limitations; otherwise, implementation seems straightforward.

The requested feature ensures many advantages, such as :

  • remotely reboot the AMS - e g. to solve minor errors;
  • energy savings - e.g. during standby period or using an external spool. Also, for multiple AMS units;

There are currently mods for the purpose, yet they require messing with the original cables. It would be more convenient and reliable if implemented into firmware/software.

Thank you.

What’s the use case for this? It’s been possible for a while to tell the printer not to use the AMS for a given print and with a Y adapter in the back that’s quite easy to deal with.

The only other use case I can think of is when you have the red blinking lights of death on the AMS and that’s a hardware failure that if fixed doesn’t need the feature you’re requesting.

I also find that power-cycling doesn’t help the red light problem, which is almost always caused by a piece of filament stuck in a sensor.

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Hi @sprior.
I have a different experience.
In the last weeks, I’ve been facing issues with the AMS, as it disconnects during printing (4 red-blinking LEDs) - under troubleshooting.

I don’t typically do multicoloured print, so I tend to notice at the end of the process; however, I rely on AMS to print by object in different materials or colours (a couple of filament changes). In that case, I receive an alert as it thinks I am printing from the external spool and need to be manually removed.
The issue is usually solved by unplugging/plugging any cables (AMS to buffer or buffer to the printer) in any of the four plugs—a simple reboot. The AMS restarts and starts winding the spool.

Additionally, when I am not using the AMS (set in BS), I could disconnect it, saving energy (maybe not that much) and, most importantly, ensuring that there will be no issues with AMS in case of any bug/faulty behaviour.

Besides, the AMS power depends on the printer, so there is no control over it (e.g. using a wifi power switch).

Also, it seems a trivial implementation if there are no hardware limitations.

Edit: @holmes4, in that case, yes, but I’ve communication issues.

In my case it was a bad AMS interface board inside the printer. Once we finally figured out to replace that the issue hasn’t happened again even once.

And I agree that power cycling didn’t fix that problem, but unplugging the AMS cable and replugging it during a print would usually save the print.

Your case sounds exactly like the one I had, I was almost never doing a multi-colored print at the time and the lights on both my AMS units all started flashing red during the print. And like you disconnecting/reconnecting the signal cable was usually sufficient to clear the error. Drove me nuts working with support to figure it out. It was finally replacing the really small AMS interface board in the back of the printer that fixed it. You should contact support and suggest replacing that part.

It took a while for me to start trusting the printer again after that was solved.

Thanks for the tip. I am just following the troubleshooting while taking notes.
I am still unsure of the cause, but I will also check everything.
I like to do my assessment before opening the trouble ticket, as I can either find the cause or eliminate some, make the process faster, and learn.
In any case, I can upload all the info or have it prepared, avoiding a ping-pong of messages.

The AMS boards would be my last guess. Which one did you have problems with:


The top one. The box the replacement came in says AMSCON_PCBA Model : SPP009

I went through a long process of swapping AMS cables, running with just one AMS, going back to the AMS buffer, replacing the AMS hub. It was an intermittent error the whole time and just when I though it was one thing it failed when that thing wasn’t involved. I don’t recommend the experience.