AMS PTFE access mod

Although I will admit the latest occurrence was due to my bad choice in filament over the months I have had need to clear blockages in the AMS PTFE tubes.

It strikes me that having to dismantle the unit is a little fiddly and have been pondering the idea of making a removable panel underneath the unit to be able to access and unclip the tubes.

Any thoughts/suggestions on this idea as depending on feedback I may give it a go.

It could be interesting. The AMS certainly could have been designed with ease of repairing in mind. I would be concerned with maintaining an air tight seal to maintain humidity levels for those that treat the AMS as a dry box.

Yep, the design would need to be air tight but a nice TPU gasket should hopefully suffice. The bottom half of the unit is available as a spare part so if it all goes horribly wrong the situation can be rectified.