AMS Stand V1.0

AMS Stand V1.0

  • Counter leaver locking Parts

  • Used AMS as part of the support structure

Still a bit of work to do but happy with V1.0. theory of using the AMS itself as part of the support worked as planned.

Future improvements

  • Make a bit higher so filament draws fully opens or lower with and add in draw system so it can be pulled out.

  • Make it modular so more AMS can be added on top or on the side

  • Add lower storage draw possible tools or extra parts draw.

Let me know your thoughts on any other improvements.



Someone has posted a similar design (but going to the corners of the AMS) and added extensions to allow the top to open more fully. It’s a couple bucks but might be worth checking out.


Just a quick update this design failed, after some use.
I have V2 Printing now. will keep you posted.