AMS version

Does anyone know how to properly identify the AMS versions? I would like to print a riser, and I assume I have a version 3, but I don’t like assuming and wasting time/material.

Thanks for the help!

I think there are multiple versions of multiple parts of the AMS, and it’s all pretty confusing.

I have two X1Cs, one bought in May '23, and one that I received a week ago (ordered during Black Week, but out of stock at the time, so shipped just before Christmas).

It looks like the internals are similar/the same, but the outer shell is different. The visible ribs in the sides differ, both in how many there are, and their spacing. My newest unit has fewer ribs than the one from May, so they are clearly revising this all the time.

I found this reference, which may help:

Mine (at least the latest one) doesn’t really fit with any of those (I designed feet for mine, so I measured meticulously myself), which is odd.

Thanks for the information. I ended up printing this one. I liked the material usage/print time/storage.

That one should work for all AMS versions, so a good choice!