AMS versions

There seem to be a number of versions of the AMS about, typically identified by the support for the rollers. It woul dbe good to know which versions have what differences and which is the current one you will receive if you order today.

I don’t want to be gluing parts to my new AMS.


FYI. The one I bought was a v3 so I was pleased to see it was the version that is hopefully more sturdy

I ordered 10 days ago and i’ve received what i think is a “v3” version.

The “rollers” look now like this inside the AMS :

Another difference seems to be about the shape and dimensions of the bottom of the AMS :

  • v1 (and maybe v2) was a perfect square
  • (maybe v2) and cleary v3 are not exactly a square (back-width is 18 mm smaller than front-width)

This has to be taken in account if you want to print a “led case” to be put under the AMS (there are many ones on, but most of them are for v1 / perfect square). See comments of this one for example, which are speaking about the width differences between AMS versions : Bambu Lab X1 AMS Riser frame with Led’s