AMS won't Switch after Run out and Quick Disconnect doesn't

Been using [and loving] my X1C-AMS combo making many multi colored items. [acquired 6/29/23.] Burned thru 6 spools so far and just bought more. last print stopped at 88% of a 19 hour print due to insufficient filament. I assumed since I set the settings to move to the next similar filament [Bambu 3 PLA spools] it would swap and move on. It didn’t. replaced filament with a generic. [FlashForge] and loaded it into AMS. AMS won’t recognize it. Can’t get it to load. I have been thru the “Broken Filament” routine successfully a few times but never could get the “Quick Disconnect,” on the PTFE tubes, to disconnect. I trying this time my temper exceeded wisdom and I pulled the entire tube out of the top of the enclosure to see if I could get a better “Grip” on the Tubes. Ha! it is PTFE… So tomorrow I am going to disassemble the AMS to see what is going on and replace what ever PTFE I need to.
This love affair is being tested by the lack of clear and demonstrated affection. I doing what I can do but is the BamBu? Need Counseling!