Anodizing bolt heads - Product Request

I find my self taking apart the Heating elements of the X1 carbon infrequently to clear out broken filament.

A help for future models would be adding colored anodized bolt heads rather than the black on black currently used.

This would help visually identifying the bolts needed to be disassembled/reassembled quickly.

My two cents

Anodizing can only be performed on nonferrous metals such as aluminum/magnesium/titanium. These metals generally don’t make great screws or are quite costly. You could however paint the bolts heads so you can see them easier.


Hey Jon.
Yes, I have already painted my bolts just for fast identification.
Point taken on the type of metal that can be anodized.
The cost of anodizing is just pennies on the dollar.

Powder coating is another way to go and of course painting.

Anodising only works on aluminium, ali bolts won’t be strong enough.

The cost I was referring to was for titanium fastening hardware.


Not true other metals can be anodized but this is going off on a tangent since none of the metals are suitable.

Electro coloring for stainless steel
Plating stainless steel
No idea on the China cost.

There are many ways to get a visual color variation that this post was about.

A visually different color contrasting with the background speeds things up
(at least for me)