Another Stolen Design

MakerWorld turning into FakerWorld with people trying to cheat the system to gain points.

This design is clearly copied from

I tried reporting but got rejected.


i see differences, not an exact copy obviously they remodeled it on their own… that being said many others are doing the same not that its right but at least this person tried to create it on their own…

Agreed, there are a few small differences. But not enough to put copyright on it and he/she should have at least given credit to the original designer. I think this still falls under copyright because it’s far too similar.

I’m guessing they used some type of tool to convert image to stl then just changed up a few elements to make it printable.

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hes not selling it its free file so i dont think there is a strong case

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I’m sure he is. Plus, he can’t claim copyright on a design someone else owns.

If you would like to sign up for a commercial license to resell Stag 3D prints, follow this link:


i dont know what your obsession with this particular person but there are many others doing the same thing, how about you go print something instead of being a hall monitor all day long it will handle itself why not direct original owner to it and see what happens


the design concept is similar. it ends there.
the designs are different in every respect - ie no copied STLs or otherwise.

many people create designs for vases or pencil holders. they are the same… “a vase is a vase”… but they look “a bit” different and that is “all the difference”…


What are you talking about with “obsession” it’s one forum topic which you have shown just a much interest in as me at this point. If you can’t add anything of value to the topic then just leave it.

I’m no expert but judging from what other people have called copyright/stolen design on in here this one isn’t any different. If you’re going to take someone’s design then make it unique. It’s not hard since the basic idea had already been placed in front of you.

you are focusing on only 1 person that is OBSESSION… you dont care about all others but this one inparticular is on your radar…

I think you are obsessed with me. The design in question was the one I came across personally hence why I started this topic. I’m not sure why you are so upset over this.

We shall move on from this though Victor.

you are just wasting energy with it i already explained as did others , its a tough case, im merely responding to your comments you … I have better things to do than be obsessed with someone

Well, go do those better things Victor. Let me do mine. It’s a forum topic nothing more or less. We all have different opinions and I for one aren’t here to convince you or anyone else on anything.

if youre not here to convice whats the purpose of your post, i guess if people dont agreee with you they are wrong lmao

Victor, you don’t earn points for forum posts. Now obsess over someone else or add something valuable to the topic.


you dont get points for crying in the forums over other peoples designs either… i was here to see stolen designs not deal with your tantrums

LOL Seriously. You’re in too deep with this eh. Editing a post so you can flag mine. Good luck to you Victor.


yeah you clown, it says “the community flagged it as inappropriate”

So obviously the communtiy saw you couldnt handle your emotions.

I moved on with my day and hadnt another, thought about you. Dont flatter yourself into thinking you are that valuable to my life or thoughts… I come back here after a whole day and you are still obsessing over this.

Hi AlaskanStorm.

Just to clarify, I created this model from the ground up and it is not a remix. Did I get inspiration from other designs? Yes absolutely and I do not see anything wrong with that. I could find a similar model for 99% of the models that exist on MakerWorld and other platforms.

I provide these models free of charge and do not resell.