Anti-vibration feet - they don't stay in place! X1-Carbon

I purchased a set of Anti-Vibration Feet. When installing, I noticed that the factory feet have a glue layer. But the Anti-Vibration feet do not, they only go into the holes on the bottom of the X1C pan by friction.

The problem is they don’t stay in the holes!!! Quite a useless waste of money considering they’re only pieces of rubber. 4 pieces of rubber for £10 and they don’t even work!?

They should have an end that’s solid, so it can stay in the hole. But the entire thing, end to end, is like an accordion shape. So when the printer wobbles, it pops out. Jeez… Bambu Lab.

I will tip my hat to you for at least getting the main thing right: the printer. But stumbling on something as simple as rubber feet, is a bit of an embarrassment. Please improve your anti-vibration feet, they are not fit for purpose.

I am not seeking votes/opinions if anybody is wondering. This is my feedback to BL. If anyone has had the same issue and found a solution, feel free to share in the comments to help others. I know how to help myself.

I’m using those too. Indeed, I was a bit struggling too to mount them in the beginning. But the thing that worked for me is to lift the entire machine and put it down straight with the rubber feet in them as opposed to mount one by one. Obviously when moving the machine, don’t just drag it but always lift it entirely and put it back down straight on all 4 feet.
Haven’t had a single issue ever since and the really help to reduce noise from the vibrations a lot.

Good tip! I found these and they work really well. I used double sided foam tape to securely mount mine. Does a great job like that. BL should include something like it with the feet they sell, which are way overpriced for what they are. Like your self I also noticed that the printer needs to be lifted and put down vertically, not dragged.

I ended up taking them off. They were glued in. place and didnt fall off but they are too soft. and cant keep shape. mine would all lean over to one side. It also allowed the printer to swing around too much. Gonna have issues with wiring connections staying in place in the long term

I fitted them and found them way too wobbly out of the box.

As there were 8 of them included, I decided to ‘sacrifice’ 4 of them and sliced off the top two ridges.

Way happier with them after that - still a decent amount of suspension, but doesn’t look like the printer is sitting on jello.

Dunno. They work really well for me. I’m using the printer in my living room. Without those (i.e. with the standard feet), I couldn’t use the printer on standard speed and still watch TV. With those rubber feet, the noise reduced to approximately the level of the silent mode with standard feet.

Yes, it’s wobbly, but I don’t see a problem with that, certainly better than the whole desk shaking along with the printer.

I am starting to think that the “wells” they are meant to sit in have different depths than the P1P. I agree that they deform easily, and is squished to the side. They do work, but because they’re too soft the printed looks like a plate of jello handed to someone who has parkinson’s.

I designed a sort of cup for the feet themselves, so the feet can only move in the vertical direction. Works wonders.

Its so easy to make, will only take you like 2 minutes.

I got the same issue. I bought the feet as I imagined they would be appropriately designed to eliminate printer vibration. I tried to install the feet, but they seem bumpy and not fitting the X1C.
My X1C stands on a rigid marble slab with an additional thick layer of closed-cell insulating foam below. I base my setup on the CNC Kitchen tests, and it is highly effective, significantly reducing noise and vibration propagation.

It is time to find an alternative use for them.

I love that they make the printer dance like the blowup guy at used car dealers.

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Good idea, use it for making a lowrider car.

I had similar issues, feet didnt stay in place and had to put my printer onto table really carefully and make sure that feet are straight.

I decided to cut these anti vibration feets in half and glue them to stock feet. Works really nicely and so much easier to use.

This is the fix. I think I found the upper piece on printables. Printed in tpu.

I used these for attaching my 3d printed anti-vibration feet to the x1-c