Any get Bambu to reset their 6mo membership start date?

I remember reading about the membership through various online articles and mostly ignore it as I’m not interested in paying for yet one more membership. I happened to be logged into my account and see that I have a free 6mo membership but it’s already half over. I opened up a support ticket to see if they’ll reset my start date. I’ve never used any membership benefit so this seems reasonable. I’m going round and round with support where at this point I think they are being obtuse on purpose answering the wrong question or generally giving me the runaround with each reply taking days or a week in between. At this point, I assume they’re hoping I give up.

Has anyone got them to reset the 6mo trial?

Membership start date is clearly stated from when you purchased your printer. Why do you think you should be treated differently?

It’s tickets/people like this that bog down the support system so people with actual problems have long wait times.


Good question, I should have included the fact that I purchased the printer in April long before memberships were a thing.

I read somewhare that as long as you bought it from the Online store, you can get the membership.

never got it. submitted a ticket for clarifications… no joy to the date. however, still hopeful I’ll eventually get a response and the membership

Are they going to extend the membership for A1 owners?