Any good quality filament dryer?

Are there any good quality, commercial grade filament dryer around that can reach accurate! temperatures of 80-100c for drying PA filaments?

For personal use at home I have modified a food dehydrator with a PID temperature controller and SSR relay switch. This works really well, reaches 100c and temperature does not fluctuate, but this is nothing I can use for my company, the electrics guy will stone me. :wink:
Total cost for AliExpress parts was around 25€ for the PID controller plus SSR plus a cheap 35€ 350W food dehydrator from Amazon, which is basically a vertical hair dryer in a round plastic container. I really don’t understand why nobody is producing something like this with some quality assurance.

Sunlu S2 and such just don’t cut it.

Following this thread because the Eibos Easdry X is trash. Lol

To answer your question; NO!!!

What’s your budget?

A bit too extravagant for a home user:

I suspect someone the bugdet/need for such a thing wouldn’t also be purchasing a Bambu machine.

But, yeah, where’s the mid-grade filament dryer/storage box? Something with built-in continuous dehumidification would be super nice, but that alone pushes you into almost entirely high-cost options.

Looks good. Alternative for business is some Miele convection oven for around 1000€ that come with pretty good PID controller for accurate temperature. If I set my oven at home to 100°C it will be 100°C without fluctuation. I checked with Type K thermocouple.

Found one:

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Gents? Isn’t this a bit of overkill?