Any Way To Reorder The Cover Picture Of A Collection?

It would be nice to be able to select the model that represents the collection instead of the oldest model.

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This has been asked before.

As has the wish to optionally add content above and below the collection entries.

Plus, reordering the collection entries.


@MakerWorld can we please please please have an option to set the cover image for a given collection.

The whole collections aren’t fully baked, in my opinion. One of the major features of other model repositories, that I rather liked and made it easier to find quality content, was being able to search and find people’s collections too. Like I would search up model trains, and tons of random junk comes up, but people’s collections also come up, where they helpfully found all the cool model train models and sorted them into a collection already :smiley:

Especially when it comes to more niche things, I would look for the collections specifically, rather than just a general search. It made it way easier to find certain things.


This is a great suggestion! I will have to try this out next time, because the search often times feels random and missing the mark.


Yeah, this would be amazing! @MakerWorld

I would also like to see more options for organizing the collections.

I feel that they were mainly created for people to collect print ideas they might want to print later, but many of us designers also like to use them to group our creations by topic. This way, we can link or help people find things that match a theme much easier.



(Filler text puppies are cute)