Anybody any idea what happened here?

Normally I am happy with my X1 print results but today I am shocked. What the foo happened here.

The file I am printing is Printables

The first print I used the Pei plate and gave a almost good result but I noticed some bad print (pic 3509-3512

Then I tried the Bambu Cool plate and my god what a bad quality. (pic 3515-2518

Since I am a novice in printing I will blame myself for now… although the gridfinity box 5X5 came out flawless.

Any body can give me some advice or point me in the right direction?

Many thanks,

Al from Holland

Happy Printing

I think the community needs some more informations. :wink:

Which layer is it? First or last? Filament, Temperature, Filament Profil, Build Plate Temperature, open or close Door/Lid…? Filament Kalibation and Bed Leveling before printing?

Greetings from Germany :blush:

It looks like there are gaps between the lines. I think there is under extrusion.

Hi Kelly,

That’s why I added the link to the file which gives all the info

It’s PLA and I use Bambu PLA, so standard settings

I tried both plates but the 3FM file was locked on Cold Plate

So I did not tinker with anything. Just hit the slicer and got this result

Anyway I will open the 3FM file and export to stl and make some changes.

I asked based on a visual of anybody recognized this

Thanks anyway…


Is the filament dry and calibrated? Are you using Bambu PLA or generic PLA settings? The link has generic PLA.
I already saw similar first layers, but not in a Bambu Printer.
Based on your success with past prints (discarding filament calibration and other issues), I would first check if the filament is adequately conditioned (most likely cause). If it is ok, I would try a hard reset of the printer and restart the slicer (just to be sure). If the issue persists, I will move to the nozzle and extruder.

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Try a cold pull or change your nozzle

For the cold pull try and use white filament, makes it more obvious if there is old filament caked inside the hotend

Or just swap out the hotend assembly and you should be good to go

Another option is to bump up your print temp to 235 for a regular caliberation cube and see if it clears out

Lots of color swaps can create buildup in the hotend and the inside walls of the nozzle

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Hard to say for sure, but with most of the print looking good and only select areas looking bad, I would say its a partial clog (but could be an extrusion related like others said).

Someone asked it you printed it with the top off or door open? This may be important because a clog or partial clog could occur if the temps get close to 50C in the chamber. PLA softens at 60C, so if the chamber is 50-55C and the hotend is 200C its not unheard of to see the upper hotend with the fan, get close to or over that 60C mark. If it does, the PLA will not push down the hotend correctly and will clog a little. I normally don’t have to worry about this, but it is always a possibility. With just about anything other than PLA and TPU, its not much of a worry, because softening temps are much higher than the chamber air can really affect the filament. So when using these low temp filaments, be aware of the possibility.

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Thanks Mike,

I print almost everything with close doors. My previous large flat surface print was with PETG and no problems there.

Next time I do large surfaces with PLA I open the door!