Anyone else mildly annoyed by the logos on the hot end assembly?

Definitely a minor issue but the logo on the silicone sock and the hot end are not in the same orientation. They are nice looking hot end assemblies and it would be great if they fixed that, but I’m not holding my breath!


Damn it! I never noticed that until you brought it up. Now it is going to drive me crazy knowing it exists.

Thanks a lot!!! :rage:

:grin: :wink:


Haha sorry! I hope this bothers them at Bambu enough to fix this!

I think it was intentional, so that you know what brand of printer you are working on regardless of how you tilt your head.

Lefties of the world, UNITE!



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Well that just ruined my day!

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Looks like I’m making enemies! Sorry everyone! But now you all can share in my frustration and we can all get Bambu to fix it! I hope if they do change one they change the silicone socks and not the heat sinks on the hot end assemblies. I don’t want to have to get new assemblies to quell my OCD.


Hahah, I thought it was kind cool to be honest. Like a mirror thing. Anyway, I can see how it might annoy some.

Doesn’t bother me in the least. Printer works the same no matter which way the text is oriented.

If it really, really bothers you, send me your printer.

Out of sight, out of mind.



No more mildly annoyed than the fact that this thread is in a category named “Accesories” instead of “Accessories” :sweat_smile:

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Now I know why my nozzle got clogged. I covered the one so now everything is oriented the same and no more clogged nozzle. Thanks for the heads up.


First World problems right here. When the complaints reach this level, that’s when you know a product is worth buying!!


I’ll take mild annoyances any day over almost throwing my ender 3 s1 pro in the river!

Haven’t noticed it. Doesn’t bother me at all.

Way to much time on your hands. Get chiến, get a job and you will have many more real problems to solve. Never noticed and do not care.

Well I wasn’t bothered by it. Now I won’t be able to unsee it.


What does chiến mean?

Well, aren’t we a bit pompous?

no this doesn’t bother me.

use clone hotend assembly as many of us, they dont bother to put any logo :rofl:

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