Anyone else using a chamber heater?

I have purchased this chamber heater for printing ASA, ABS and other high temp materials. Sadly, the thermostat only goes to 50c, but I may hack it with ESP32 for MQTT and other control to 60c.

Has anyone else used such chamber heater and can share results? I find ASA warps for me with some prints, for example, even when preheating chamber using bed to 40C+

Sorry to hear you made this purchase. I looked at this and determined that the math just doesn’t support such a decision for an FDM printer. These were designed primarily for Resin machines. as the ad copy on Amazon states. I’ve been able to achieve 45C easily by simply applying bubble wrap around the outside.

I put these chamber heaters in the same category as filament dryers, that being, a lot of money for very little return. Hopefully you bought yours on Amazon and can get your money back.

I don’t mind, the purchase price ends up being around the same as DIY. I have not received yet, and have not tested.

I will try using it for some time and share results, it is returnable if needed from Amazon.

I am hoping to achieve 50C chamber temps and if not, I may look into trying the PTC element with 24V to see if heat output can be doubled. If not, I may aim for 100W heater.

Have you shared due to your own personal negative experiences with this unit?

Seems the chamber wattage is actually 380W from Wiki:
X1E FAQ | Bambu Lab Wiki.

Hmm. Yes, maybe too small wattage. I will try for some time and may look at other modules

Check out some of these homespun ideas from earlier in the year.

Throw a towel or sweatshirt over the printer, especially over the top glass cover. It will reach 60°C with heatbed set to 100°C for ABS/ASA without any heater.


You sure you’re not from New England? Because they call that Yankee Ingenuity.

BTW: Here’s my version of Yankee ingenuity and I didn’t have to do laundry to get there, I just used envelopes bambu shipped my plates in and magnets. :crazy_face: Ugly? Yes!!! But effective nonetheless.