Anyone tried PETG-CF

Not BBL CF (iSANGHU), printing with the hardened .04. Flow calibrated to .94. Using the Generic PETG-CF settings with some changes to slow walls and increased fan speeds > layer 3. Only issue is first layer. I’ve tried slowing first layer, increasing width, increasing first layer flow (Orca), increasing temp from 255 → 265 for first layer. On textured plate and I’m considering lowering z by .01 and trying that. Any other ideas?

Replying to my own post because I got results that I’m extremely happy with. I highly recommend iSANGHU PETG-CF. I’m also running it through AMS lite, even though it’s a bit rough, as the replacement parts are worth the cost of non-tangled filament.


Dry in a dryer for 6 hrs or more. Start with the Generic PETG-CF.

  • Temp tower let me to 225 for temp; so I did 235 for first layer, 80 for first layer on the bed, then 70.
  • Edited A1 Mini Start g-code and changed -2 to -3.
  • Printed 2 calibration parts, measured flow to .98
  • Adjusted Inner and Outer walls.
  • Bumped up first layer to .5, lowered layer from .20 to .16 - this got me around some tricky overhangs.
  • Adjusted wall speeds.
  • 4 walls (for me I need the strength), as well as 55% infill.
  • Adjust the gcode for the Textured plate to put nozzle closer to bed.

;===== for Textured PEI Plate , lower the nozzle as the nozzle was touching topmost of the texture when homing ==
{if curr_bed_type=="Textured PEI Plate"}
G29.1 Z{-0.03} ; for Textured PEI Plate


cool, thanks for the information, saving!

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