Anyone tried to swap the chamber fan of the X1C?

Has anyone tried already to swap the chamber FAN of the X1C with something less noisier like e.g. noctua? I have already dampened the printer with an aluminium butyl mat, which has made it much quieter. But the FAN is extreme when printing with PEI plate, for example.

I have not tried to swap the fan, but I did make this mod, which does reduce the noise from the fan exhaust. Give it a shot.

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A quieter fan will move less air. If you want to allow that and be quieter just turn down the fan speed.

In the printer profile g-code and each filament profile g-code find
M106 P3 Sxxx

and reduce the xxx - I changed 255 to 180 and 180 to 90 and the noise printing PLA on a hot plate is much more bearable.

Keep an eye on chamber temperature. My feeling is the hot end cooling fan is marginal and struggles to keep the heatsink cool enough for PLA when the chamber temperature rises. Running the chamber fan flat out is a kludge to help work around the problem.

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Thank you for sharing the link to your mod! It’s great to see people coming up with innovative solutions to reduce fan noise. I’m sure many people will find this helpful and appreciate your contribution to the community. Good luck with your future endeavors!

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Noctua fans are generally quieter across the board, without moving less air than an equivalently spec’d fan. It’s not the airflow making all the noise, but bearings and chasses.