Anyone used PETG as support interface with PLA-CF

Hi all.
I have had some great results using PETG as the interface layer on PLA prints but was wondering if anyone had tried this with PLA-CF ??? Thanks

For me, it behaves exactly the same, if not even a bit better. I always have better luck removing the supports from the CF filaments.
But, just to be sure, I would print a small test piece. I have not done large areas or so, just maybe 10mm wide edges.

Hi Christian, did you use all stock settings for the PLA-CF? I am just about to do a small test piece but I am having trouble printing as I keep getting error message about wrong plate!!! I am trying to use cold plate but if I select PETG as the interface it will not let me slice. If I change the plate to Engineering Plate I get the same error!!! Any ideas??

UPDATE - All sorted, I had to adjust the bedplate temp for the PETG filament under its’ settings. At least I got it printing but we shall see how it comes out!!!

Thanks for the input

The high-temperature and PEI textured plates are compatible and allow you to slice.

If you only have the cold/engineering plate, you shouldn’t print the two materials, but you can do it. For that, you need to cheat the printer at your own risk.

Thanks, all sorted now

Can you please report back on the strength of the parts. I’ve not had much success using those filaments together. Usually the part breaks at the interface layer while removing the supports. But I didn’t increase the purge volume.

I have not had any problems with 2 top interface layers and Zero space between the upper interface layer and the main body.