Arachne vs Classic

What do you guys think about the different options? Why do you use one over the other and what pros and cons have you found with your models?

Currently running Bambu studio beta. Just interested in opinions

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No strong opinion here, Arachne is my default, just because it is said to be “better”.

Studio has suggested adding supports to a few prints using Arachne, but if I switched to Classic no support was needed. So I check both ways before adding supports.

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Classic Wall will apply Gap Fill line to achieve model dimension, especially when many complex walls loops exist.
Arachne Wall will vary line width in order to achieve model dimension, without Gap Fill line.
If the wall lines are exposed (no - only one wall top surface), the Arachne wall produce a better appearance and possibly stronger model.



I have found at least on the latest beta Arachne prints are always worse in quality I have tested 10 different models and completed 5 prints of each. I just can’t work out why

Arachne is the new way to use. You can check more details about it at the Prusa Slicer changelogs or yourtube videos about it. It was introduced to Prusa Slicer just a few month/about a year ago, which improves the print speed and quality, espcially when using larger nozzle diameters (so print with a 0.6mm nozzle the same quality as with a 0.4mm in classic mode).
As far as a I know, Arachne came from Cura Slicer and was implemented into Prusa Slicer and there for also into Bambu Studio

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As of last night it looks like they were having issues with the latest version of Bambu Studio and Arachne wall generation. I personally printed a few prints on and had some overhang issues. There’s a hotfix version that reverts the default back to Classic because of the overhang and wall generation issue. I was about to print a large egg with an open front and a large overhang at the top of the opening and decided not to use BS since they were having issues with overhangs and wall generation. Updating now to see if the egg prints fine with the latest hotfix version of BS.

I apologize for resurrecting this older post, but felt it was important to add this for future people searching. I print a lot of items with lettering, barcodes etc. Arachne will often allow you to print smaller detailed letters and thin features where classic will omit once sliced. If on the fence, slice both and step up through reviewing layers and it will usually be obvious which one prints closer to your intent. We aren’t at the point where Arachne is always the sure fire go to.


Oh thanks for mentioning that! Couldn’t figure out why lettering was missing in some cases but now can see how Arachne helps in these instances by viewing through the slicer.

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