ARC Bambu Lab filament clog

After mounting the Arc enclosure, my filament is blocked in the extruder every few hours. Does anyone have an idea what could be causing this? Is it possible that the chamber is too warm and the filament becomes plastic?

Yes, that’s very possible.

I found this over on the Printables site, that may help!
I am a complete noob but just saw my first warping so was looking into the possible causes and it seems PLA like to have a cooler chamber, and enclosed it gets too hot. I would a wager the quickest way to get rid of the heat is vent the top glass.

I use an third party Ender type of enclosure that provides a bit of a temp rise, about 10C. It has a zipper front so the air drafts are controlled and the heat inside is stable. It is much larger than the P1P and that helps too. That is all I found needed for PLA. Before the enclosure the tall prints had lamination problems; I surmised too large of temperature gradient in the printer. I will be adding a temperature controlled heat exhaust for the higher temp filaments.