Are the four-pin connectors for AMS Lite “Molex” connectors?

When my Mini AMS fell from the desk, the 4-pin connector broke at the Mini end.

BL has just listed the cable on the US site, but they don’t fulfill orders (at least mine has been sitting in “unfulfilled” status for days).

Does anyone know if the cables are “Molex” cables? If so I could at least build a cable using one from Amazon ( The printer is for my grandson, but I’d hate to give it to him without the AMS, that would be a good stop-gap solution.


Can’t be sure what the A1 connector are - but for the x1/p1 ams it is 3mm Molex micro-fit, your link says 4.2mm mini-fit

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@Ukdavewood you are right, I believe that the one in the A1 Mini is the 3mm pitch between pins. The one I just ordered (, $8 at Amazon) is shorter than the one used by BL, but it will have to do since the shop lists on the web site but doesn’t fulfill orders for the BL branded one.
Thanks for pointing that out!

EDIT: Correction: the US shop changes the status to “Fulfilled” when it creates the shipping label but the actual shipping may take a long time to happen (cable is on its fourth day of this limbo). I guess that way the stats for the shop look good even if customer satisfaction goes down?

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OK. Short answer to the original question: the 4-pin AMS Lite cable IS NOT a standard Molex 4-pin - For whatever reason, BL assigns the pins on both ends in a non-standard way.

How do I know? The 4-pin Molex cable, when installed, ended up on the printer and the AMS Lite not connecting after handshake, whereas the original BL cable (which I got two weeks+ after I started my search :expressionless: ) does indeed work.

Question solved.