Are there safeguards to stop unrelated print profiles uploads?

So I am not sure if you’re all aware Bambu has pushed an update through for Maker World with some guard rails, yet to be determined if they are going to follow through though. They now have the designer icon on the designers model and from what I have seen their profiles are now listed at the top always.


Next they now have a warning when creating profiles that state this:

Lastly with this update they now make the print profile creator check a selection box stating they have uploaded a successful print profile with included photo.


No one has had their profiles removed (that I am aware of) yet but I think they are laying the groundwork to do a batch deletion in the future. That being said if you have created any print profiles it’s probably best to go back to them and upload a photo and select the box otherwise you will run the risk of having your profile magically disappear one day.

Hopefully, if BL ever puts any coding behind these “requirements”, they will link the original designer with their print profiles and see they have posted photos when uploading the model itself But, your suggestion is a good one just in case BL only keys on the Print Profile.

If all this is to prevent people from uploading unrelated models to print profiles then this isnt stopping anyone. If you cant look at the print plate photos to verify you are downloading the correct model, what will uploading a photo do?
Also in my opinion I think you shouldnt require print profiles to have picture of complete print for all models, why shouldnt people allowed to be rewarded for uploading a print profile to a model where the model author hasnt done so in several days. Removing all these profiles will remove the unique experience that Makerworld offers for loads of the profiles I’ve uploaded. Either it enhances a hueforge picture where the colors are selected as specified in the description (this makes it way easier to print these without any hassle) or it be an assembly of items needed to create a subset of items that has been uploaded (like the under desk drawer models that have many different combinations of items you can select).
I think perhaps they should add an “Average profile creator rating” or something the like to show that the profile creator is experienced with printing and knows that the profiles will work without having to print it (Most stuff is not complicated to set up for printing)

You can never please everyone, there will be always a minority requesting a certain feature, a certain change. Will the change benefit the minority asking for it? Yes. Will it be hurtful to the whole community? I don’t know, you tell me.


Basically, I’m hoping BL will implement a mechanism to verify the creator of the print profile successfully printed the model with their print profile. If they have filament in the game that’s good enough for me. However, I don’t believe these SPAM Print Profiles creators, on my models, actually printed the profiles they uploaded. Ultimately, it won’t be good for the MW community as a whole if novice MW users have multiple bad experiences with print profiles.

But they have an option to use your profile, marked as the Designer profile, put on the top of the list of profiles. I think most people will chose the Designer profile.

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As a software and web developer truer words were never spoken. No way to please everyone. Even “hello world” code has been the source of complaints. :wink:

I do think if bad print profiles become common enough for novice MW users to have multiple bad experiences it could hurt the community as a whole. A lot of people who have purchased BL printers don’t want to learn about technical details of the printer itself or slicer settings. They really do want the click and print magic.

BL is a smart group of people and MW will evolve and I’m confident they will find a good balance and the Novice will likely learn more about how to recognize a good Print Profile.

All will be well in the end. After all, it’s just 3D printing. :wink:

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This is sad to hear that people have bad experiences but not all are this bad, I bet you wont like to see my profile then, but as I said I try to make good profiles for people and when I look for models I basically only sort by “without print profiles” and there are plenty.
Let me make you aware that over 1/3 of all models on the platform are currently without profiles, which is against what BL intention of having this not be another STL hosting site. So if there is something people want to do voluntarily without having to spend filament and still give a service by making a profile I think they should be allowed. Especially when the model author is not uploading his own.

So if you want makerworld to be a “click and print” experience you must allow some leniency

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I agree! The “Designer” label and being at the top will definitely help and most will gravitate to these profiles, especially if they have had issues with other non-designer profiles. It puts the responsibility on us designers to focus equal attention on our print profiles which is a good thing.



This works well as its intended only when the model author uploads his own profiles :confused:
Many many modellers use this as another stl hosting site

I printed a model via Bambu Handy yesterday that said it was ready to go… yeah didn’t go well I stopped it right as I soon saw this.

Is it possible the only MW users who don’t want some method of validating a print profile was used to create a successful print are those benefiting from posting print profiles without using a gram of filament to verify it delivers a quality print? :man_shrugging:

This is a brim, looks kinda weird that it is on the edge but doesnt mean the profile is faulty.

Should people not benefit from posting print profiles in your opinion? If you want an echo chamber forum then I am sorry for adding counterpoints to your arguments.

The profiles are validated by having them being rated by other people. With model authors not uploading their own profiles I bet this website would be 2/3 of models not having a print profile. Good luck advertising “One click printing” with that.

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Yeah I guess I am not ok with the brim being practically off the build plate on the left and the nozzle printing over the purge line like that causing filament to attach itself to the nozzle like it did. I think this print would have printed ok without the brim but I will have to test to verify.

True, I just wish there was a way to rate a profile without having a successful print registered. If I open the profile on my pc and see glaring issues, I should be allowed to warn people lol

If I open the profile on my pc and see glaring issues, I should be allowed to warn people

That’s a great idea. Too bad Bambu doesn’t have a bunch of people they can talk to in hopes to improve the user experience… :man_facepalming:

Absolutely, they should benefit from posting print profiles. However, the person posting should be the first one to test it, not some random user who thinks it must have been tested.

Agree! The only way to rate a Print Profile is to actually complete a print with that Print Profile. Yet, print profiles can be posted without the same requirement to complete a print using the print profile. :man_shrugging:

I dont think everything requires testing in my opinion, have you seen all the variations of keychain accessories or coasters, random stuff being posted. There are loads of model authors who only post renders, perhaps you should require an image of the printed part from their profiles as well?
If you do that then you lock out anyone who doesnt have a bambu lab printer from making any profiles of their own model… and with it tons and tons of models from people who only buy creality or prusa or whatever.

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