Are there safeguards to stop unrelated print profiles uploads?

I haven’t tried this (and I wouldn’t do this) but I feel like I could download a model > delete the model that loads in the slicer > insert a cube or small object and upload it as a new print profile saying it’s faster, better and less filament…

Only to have the person who is using Bambu Handy to send the print job to the printer and find out it was a cube and not the original creators item after it prints.

Are there safeguards for stuff like this? I could see people doing nefarious things with bot accounts. With no way for a creator to remove a print profile someone else created, I could see this being a bad thing overall. Thoughts?


From other thread…

If I can start uploading rocktopusses to everyone’s printable items as a print profile we are in for a wild ride. . . how was this missed? Unless there are safeguards in place.

There is none! Just do it! :smiley:

This should be addressed if it hasn’t.

While not nearly as serious of an issue as OP’s concern…
My first upload I had someone upload a profile only a few hours after I posted that only changed nozzle size. More than likely for a few points.

I checked and it looked like it should print as I originally intended. While this is allowed, I know they didn’t print it to check it out which I personally would do, what intentions do you have for modifying the values and doing nothing else with it? Just points as far as I know. Which if that is the case I don’t blame them. This isn’t directed at that person, just the potential issue of a model possibly not printing correctly because of untested settings. Just my thoughts on this.

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Problem with “Not deletable” are things like that. Uploaded was an 0,2mm layer Profil for 0,4mm nozzle. He added a 0,3mm layer with 0.6mm Nozzle. Looks and IS crab. IT can NOT BE removed!

This ist the intented Outcome.

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Also note that uploading the first print profile to a model gets over 3X the reward of uploading any additional ones. There are profiles out there which publish none or very few models themselves but then upload HUNDREDS of print profiles for other people’s models and get big rewards for doing so. One of them did so for one of my original models which I recently imported from another site.

So someone who adds a print profile to one of my models before I do is “stealing” the extra reward of the first print profile from me.

I have now made all my recently uploaded models private to prevent this until I’ve got time to add all the print profiles myself.

This is a loss for the website and probably not what was intended.

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Ummm that’s called an exploit, a loophole for financial gain if I’m not mistaken is illegal. If a bot or a person is doing this to benefit from the 3X points that needs to be stopped.

You can only get 15 points total for a single account for uploading profiles… so that is a whopping total of $1.35

I came across someone’s profile that had uploaded around 10 models of their own but had around 250 uploaded print profiles of other people’s models. That means those authors might not have gotten to upload the first profile for their own design before someone else got to it. I’m also seeing posts by at least one person showing the box of filament they they got for free based on rewards.

So while I agree that the current rewards are limited to not much either there were some very nice promotions that are now closed and I missed them or else someone’s been gaming the system.

I am not gonna lie I enjoy finding random profiles that don’t have anything except a downloadable STL and create profiles. I maxed out my 100 points within a day lol but there are SO many Printable and Thingiverse prints being added all the time by makers and it appears they do not care to download Bambu Studio and create a print profile and are just using Maker World as another STL hosting service. Not only do I create those profiles for fun there are some that I see as puzzles, as in how should they orientate it or how can the strength be improved vs filament usage… etc.

But my main reason for creating this post was because I can (but I have not) just upload whatever I want to random profiles and people will never know what is going to print until it starts or is finished. You think you’re downloading a Benchy but I have decided to upload a rocktopuss in its place! Gonna love that when people start screwing around sadly. I don’t think Bambu thought about that part. :rofl:


The profiles by default should have an image generated from the 3mf and then an optional image.

I agree, then you have to rely on people to actually pay attention. :joy: I’m in IT and you can plaster information across users faces and they still will do the wrong thing. LOL


This is why I only go with the original makers model and not some other idiot trying to say it’ll print faster. The original guy will usually have a couple options if they think it’s necessary. But I don’t worry about saving a few minutes or even a couple hours of use not from the same creator.

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This is absolutely a problem that BL has to address, and soon. There are users who are Level 20-30+ that have gotten there with only a few unpopular models. They have done it by creating and “marketing” Print Profiles of other designers (me and you) have created.

By “marketing” I mean they use bold fonts and a bright yellow star emoji and call them FAST. Example, :star:𝐅𝐚𝐬𝐭 ‣ [PLA] 0.25mm. Not a single one has a photo of a successful print.

Some seem to work and others don’t. It’s very clear the Print Profile is a boilerplate profile and never actually tested with an actual print.

First, BL needs to acknowledge this is an issue and commit to resolving it.

Second, BL needs to identify the Print Profile SPAM accounts and delete them and the profiles they created.

Third, BL needs to force a successful print before that print profile can be uploaded AND require a print photo from the INTERNAL printer camera upon print completion.

Lastly, there needs to be an easy mechanism for the designer to be able to delete, or at least FLAG these SPAM profiles for BL review.

Just my two cents worth on this topic.

I’ve been requesting this as a feature since I got my printer, so you can see the final print before the bed drops down out of the camera view.

I’ve noticed that now there are warnings and check boxes in place to state that you have actually printed the piece and you have to provide a picture of the completed model when uploading. This is a good start. There are still some bugs that need ironing out though.

I’m not an expert on image file format, but it seems possible for BL to use the Geo Tag space to write some data to prove it was taken from the internal camera and was a result of the profile print being uploaded. Or perhaps the image file format has other areas where this data could be stored. Perhaps they could store the BL users profile name as well. Either way the photos has to be vetted as the result of a successful print of the print profile being uploaded.

You cant forcefully upload pictures taken inside peoples homes like that, unless you are willing to break privacy laws in most countries. So there is gonna have to be another solution

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@Tridense Agreed BL can’t automatically upload a photo. However, they can make it a requirement to upload the “Successful Print Photo” from the internal camera. They require uploaded photos now, they just have no way to vet them now as photos of the print profile uploader’s successful print.

@RMB agree and it is true that BL has added the following when uploading a Print Profile:



However, BL does not have the automated capability to enforce these requirements and they have not provide a mechanism for users to flag Print Profiles not in compliance.