Are you getting BambuHandy notifications for Pauses added in slicer?

I stopped receiving app notifications (both iOS and Android) for:

  • Pauses added in the slicer
  • Errors including filament-empty (for my non-AMS P1P)

I still receive notifications for “Print Finished”, “Print Cancelled” (manually), “Print Paused” (manually, during print).

I previously received all expected notifications, prior to around April/May of this year.

If you are successfully receiving Pause notifications (for slicer-added pauses) on your phone/Handy, please confirm here that you are on P1P and note if you are on iOS or Android.
(If this also affects P1S users, feel free to chime in!)

Appreciate any insights here! :smiley:


I too have this issue on my P1P and iOS. To the extent that I set up home assistant with an automation to alert me when the printer is paused. (Generally due to filament runout).

I swear it did at one point alert me to filament runout, but if so that was back in early August?

Thanks, i’ve never tried Home Assistant. Do you have it sit and monitor Bambu Studio on an always-on Mac or something? To like intercept notifs from it?

Yeah, home assistant is a service that can be run on anything from a raspberry pi to a server. It connects to almost everything IoT.

I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s the best way to monitor your P1P. I just happen to use it already for other home automation. So it was easy to extend to my Bambu Lab stuff too.

Heres the link to the home assistant integration for bambu labs. GitHub - greghesp/ha-bambulab: A Home Assistant Integration for Bambu Lab Printers

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I have a p1s and ive never gotten a single notification to work. Its frustrating!

I also have this issue that the printer pauses but I receive no notification (ex. for spaghetti defect, AMS runout, etc).

Pretty frustrating when you come back 15h later expecting something to be done only to find the 1st layer inspection didn’t pass and is paused.

Urg, new firmware update today and still no mention of this issue. So frustrating.

Stupid ? it posted as a bug on Github or have you opened a ticket about it? Probably only way Bambu will really see it.

It has been so long when I last used a pause in gcode I can’t remember if it notified me or not. I totally agree it should notify you. Along with anything critical/important happening. Almost would be nice to select the notifications you want.

I’ve opened a ticket, yes. They then went back and forth with me for MANY rounds of basic, useless troubleshooting that I’d already tried. Finally they admit that this is a known bug. WTF, why not say that upfront instead of all the damn runarounds?? Wasting everyone’s time.

Totally agree with your logic. They be silly.

I’m normally NEVER conspiratorial, but part of me is now wondering whether they deliberately removed the print error notif (Bambu Handy alerts) to try to justify the higher price of the X1C’s ability to ‘detect error through AI’. The LIDAR seems to be not too useful, so the error detection remains the only other meaningful difference.

Nah, I’m just frustrated… but it does make me wonder… :smiley:

Holy smokes, I just received a P1P Pause notif on my phone!!! For the first time in a year! Looks like maybe the firmware update actually had more than what the notes shared!!
EDIT: It was a pause due to filament-run-out, which I still believe is a first in a long time. Will see if my manually added Pause triggers in a bit

I’m on the latest firmware and app version and still don’t get these notifications. It’s especially frustrating given that multi-color printing is a non-stop torrent of errors, mostly poop shoot constipation but with the occasional spaghetti diarrhea or filament rewind business. Argh!

Yeah I’m seeing a weird pattern – I’m definitely getting notifications on Handy that I haven’t seen in a year, particularly around the Pauses I’ve added in code. But, I don’t think I’m receiving all of them. Very weird.