ASA as support for PAHT-CF Fiber Nylon

I just want to let you know that ASA is a perfect support material for the Bambu PAHT-CF. I just tried it out because of curiosity and its perfect. Like PLA and PETG. You can print things without a z offset for the Support and it peels of very easy and smooth. Sample picture shows how the ASA Support Interface layer peels of the PA-CF.
I Think it will work with PA-CF in general, but cannot confirm.
Since ASA is cheaper that the Support Material from Bambu, i think its a great alternative and you can Use the ASA for other things too.


That’s really interesting as I have some ASA and want to do some PA-CF parts.

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Thanks for the great tip! I haven’t needed supports yet with PAHT-CF but I did have one model with a brim and the effort it took to get that thing off was a good testimony to the material’s strength :rofl:

Thankyou for sharing Jonas!!

I’ve had issues with Support G (unresolved ticked open with Bambu) and it seems that ASA is the solution!

Below pic shows all PAHT-CF support with 0.2mm top Z distance (left) vs ASA release layer (right). Massive difference in surface finish.

I’ve also tried ABS as a release layer which works great too.

I will add the following changes improved quality further:

  • Top Z distance 0.0mm
  • Top interface spacing 0mm
  • decreasing the base pattern to 1mm
  • interface layers to 4
  • Support/object distance decreased to 0.25mm
  • I also unchecked flushing into support as the support could split

Otherwise all support settings are at default.


hi i start to try PC as support interface with paht/cf

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Hi guys, can you please also write which Noozle you used, Bed temp and noozle temps? Which palte did you use? High Temp or Engeneering plate?

Would it also be possible to use PAHT-CF as support for ASA?
I will try this, as I print mostly in ASA and haven’t found anything to use as support yet.
I will keep you posted!

I just tried it and it had a similar result.

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Couldn’t edit my post again for some reason, I just wanted to give an update on using PAHT-CF as a support material for ASA. It works for relatively small pieces. If you go bigger and wider, it tends to release the ASA mid print because the ASA wants to warp and the adhesion isn’t good enough.

I’ve switched over to HIPS filament and this works great. A lot better than the PAHT-CF did. If you’re using the HIPS to just support “normal” spots, you won’t need any solvents (D-limonene) to remove them. You can easily break them away.


Thanks for sharing information. So Hips seems to be the better option in this case since it’s a lot cheaper.

That’s good to know, as I have just got my ASA (Xtruder brand) dialled in with the 0.6 nozzle on my X1C. I had to use SoftFever/Orca slicer to calibrate filament with textured plate.
I will give the new support options a try in the latest Bambu Studio a try as they’ve “improved” the interface layer options.


Yes, I’ve done over 20-30 complex prints with it now. And they all came out great.
I don’t use the solvent to separate the HIPS from the ASA. I just wait for it to cool down.
I’m using Prusament ASA (galaxy black/Jet black) and HIPS from a local homebrand (123-3D). Both are printed between 260-265 degrees on a 90 degrees bed.
I’m printing with 10mm³/s Max volumetric speed setting.

Hope this helps.

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THANK YOU for this tip! I was losing my mind with supports for PAHT-CF and this is so clean. Apparently I can’t post photos yet to show, but I printed the same item with Support G with 0 offset and 0.1 offset. Both came out nasty (0 offset was terrible, I had to scrape it off with a blade). The ASA print of it popped off perfectly clean. Such a great tip!

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What ASA rolls are you using for these tests? I am also having some issues with support G and would like to reproduce your results.

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On this one I was using Fillamentum ASA.

What settings are you guys using? I keep having an issue and not sure if I should change z distance or anything else. Some supports grew fine (left side of image) but where the spaghetti
is the ASA doesnt seem to want to stick on the bottom surface. Any tips would be great.

This was a great tip!

I have now successfully used this combination with PAHT-CF (Bambu Lab) and ASA (Polymaker). Worked great. Super clean detachment. Thanks!

I think your issue is that you are trying to print supports that start on the body of your print, so it doesn’t stick the first layer, causing spaghetti If you select support on build plate only, I think it will fix the issue your having. Or just switch to interface layer only.