ASA filament strange lines and overall poor quality

hi, I’ve been trying to print a product from ace for a week now, but the surface has some strange lines. I tried everything possible, nothing helps.
ASA Azure Film filament.

You seem to have under-extrusion in quite some places. Since it’s so irregular, I wonder whether the speed is just too high for this filament/temperature combo.

This looks like a spool, and it doesn’t seem to be round. Are you sure the model is OK? Got a link to the model, perhaps?

No its not a spool and it must be not round. I cant make temp lower because of using PVA HT as support. Temp is 248C. Speed is 40 for all movements. I made print with ABS and i have the same lines :frowning: I think its printer bug

Those surface lines are because you’re over-extruding. Re-do your flow calibration.

You will also need to increase your wall overlap a bit to close up those dots where the extruder changes direction at each wall.

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as @3dsurfr and @RocketSled mentioned under /over extrusion :slight_smile: and do no touch the overlap before you do calibration as usually the default one is ok and incorrect PA looks the same as not enough overlap
for good ASA print you need to make sure the following is done first

  • Flow calibration
  • Pressure advance calibration
  • Bed temperature 110C and preheat the chamber for good 15-30 Minutes
  • Print temp for me is around 15-20C above the recommended from the manufacture 255-260C all layers the same
  • Wet and dry also makes a difference all calibrations needs to be done with dry filament other wise you may have to do it again , and all the prints
  • Print speeds up to 140mm/S - no problem , for good adhesion 100mm/S and for some cases i do 70mm/S but generally do not go under 100mm/S very often these days

Note ASA and ABS is very close in every aspect, but flow and PA are different , print temp on my ABS is 270C vs 260C for ASA , but was the same before

Probably worth elaborating what is ‘everything possible’ :slight_smile:
Edit: suggest read this and see other threads for calibration there are quite a few