Automatically switching slots when filament is out

I have 4 different colors in my AMS. If I run out of black in slot #1 when printing an item, can I get it to continue printing with the white in slot #2. Even though the colors are different in each slot, the filament is the exact brand. I don’t care if my i or print comes out multi-colored.


For Autorefill two slots have to Have the exact same Filament configured. (Type and color)

What you can do: put a spool of same Material-type into the empty Slot after runout. Color IS irrelevant.

Yes - The auto refill function will work if you manually input your “replacement” spool as the same type and colour in the AMS before you send the print. There are people who setup every spool in their AMS as “black PLA” for example so that the auto refill function will work even though the filament colours are different.


yeah it would be nice to at least be able to using the app to tell it to switch to different filament if you get the notification that it has run out. What I do is just go over to printer, and move one of the other filaments to its spot to finish print.

Hi all, Thanks for the replies. Do you think the AMS will freak if I put different Bambu Spools and change the color. I ask this as the Bambu Spools have the RFID tags so if I manually change the color, when it starts will it see that the spool is different and when it runs out won’t automatically switch over and keep printing?