Auxiliary spool holder modification

been waiting on the preorder, so i decided to mess around a bit. i ordered the auxiliary spool holder and one of the ams lite spool holders (specifically the one with the orange hex) … i cut off the end of the auxiliary spool holder and turned the orange hex to be a press fit inside of the auxiliary. i now have a ams lite style auxiliary spool holder

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Send a pic of the completed mod you made, so I can get my head around what you have done please.

there is the finished mod … it uses the spring inside of the ams lite spool hub to keep tension on the spool … so far it’s working great with the A1 mini

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here is a photo with a spool installed

if anyone is interested in doing the mod, it’s best to get the orange spool hub which has a hexagonal mount … you will need to turn this hexagonal piece down on a lathe to fit inside of the original manual spool holder shaft. to hold the hexagonal piece in the lathe i used a collet to hold the really skinny end of the piece where the spring sits (it sounds janky, but it works and holds it true) … also be careful when cutting off the stop piece from the manual spool shaft … you need as much shaft as possible. i also made a sleeve to press fit onto the shaft and act as a bearing surface inside of the ams lite hub (used a piece of nylon because it’s slippery)