Average support ticket solving time?

My printer received not working, the bed temperature is always 0.
I opened up the printer following the X1C’s troubleshooting guide and ripped the board’s socket off :frowning:
I tried to get support but it’s been 7 days now, the ticket is always “solving”
Checking in with the forum what’s the best option here.



Hey Neil,

I waited 7 days for a reply for my open ticket.

Hope you getting an asnwer soon…

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I have been 5 days without a reply to my ticket. I managed to eventually solve my problem but have decided to see how long it will take them to reply.

I only hope that if I do run into any problems that I can solve them myself.
Great printers but dreadful support.

I really hope you get a reply and a fix to you problem soon.

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My support ticket to respond yesterday 2/14

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I opened a support ticket on saturday 11. Feb. (Studio crashes after slicing and changing for several times to see changes and find best solution for print)
At Sunday afternoon the printer was uploading 4xxMB of Logs, initiated by himself or bambulab not by me, for 2 hours and was unusable at this time.
Today i got an answer to provide a log.
I will provide this log on weekend because business trip.
I see forward it will be a longer story :sweat_smile:

Are you saying that Bambi remoted into your printer? Did they have your permission to do this?


I got a response within 24 hours the 2-3 tickets I put in, then I get ghosted.

Not directly answer your question.
From my experience, opening a ticket from the smartphone app will “automatically” start the upload process of the printer.
I don’t remember if the PIP setup process has an “upload logs for analytical purposes” option.


I don‘t know what initiated it. Bambu did not mention it. I wrote it how i saw it.
No asking, no permission, no words about it. Haven‘t read about in other forums yet :man_shrugging:t2:

Indeed i opened a ticket trough handy app.