Bad adhesion or bad bed levelling?

I got my P1s a few weeks ago, until a few days ago it was printing amazingly, but since then I have had multiple failed prints and a clog. Let’s talk about the failed prints for now, it looks like either the initial layer height is too high or I just have really bad bed adhesion. I’ll include some pictures. Any help would be great.

FYI, I print sun PETG, on textured bed, 0.4mm nozzle (standard/what it came with).

Update, the last image shows a majority of the print on the front left in the wipe area

Added some glue, so far so good…

I’ll update incase anyone finds this useful in the future.

increase bed temp to 50 .

I have a similar problem.
I can use the ‘PLA Cold Plate’ side for great Bambu PLA prints when used with the liquid Bambu glue but when I turned the plate over and used the ‘Engineering Plate’ for PETG my PETG doesn’t seem to adhere very well at all…
When I apply the liquid glue it seems to go onto this Engineering plate surface like oil (‘slicky’ and not adhering) The white ‘lipstick’ glue seems to adhere a little better.
-I get the same lack of adhesion as you show, the first layer becomes a mass of spaghetti or clogged onto the nozzle because it won’t stick to the bed…
This is not a levelling or belt tension issue IMO as both those are good, I am back to PLA for the time being and everything is good again… (I thought PETG was supposed to be one of the most ‘sticky’ filament types, I bought it because I’ve had good previous results with this type of filament in my Zortrax)

The default is 70, so pretty sure its not bed temp.

Sounds like we do have similar problems. Are these recent experiences in the past week @nickoutram10 ? I find it very strange tbh, I have never had adhesion problems with PETG. Warping off the bed sure, but like this, basically never. And it seems to have started shortly after a software update, so is it that or am I just unlucky.

On the engineering plate wash it with dish soap and water then wipe with ipa, after that petg should stick great.

Ok, I promised to follow up on this so here goes.

I am printing PETG again as expected, good quality and fast, and it sticks with just a clean plate as described by @silver118822 (no glue).

Clogging was caused by bad material combination btw.

The main fix was changing the temps of the PETG profile for first layer. As @nasosps suggested, I increased bed temp to 90 deg C and hot end to 265, reducing to 70 and 255 respectively thereafter. I don’t know if this was default and I accidentally changed it, but this prints as good as I remember when I first got the machine. If anything it sticks a bit too well so I might knock bed temp back a bit till I get it perfect.

@nickoutram10 hope you get to the bottom of your issues!


I have not tried PetG again tbh. I might give it a go today with the higher initial bed temp.
I tried print some CF PLA and that is ok on the pla cold plate.
I read somewhere that the glue was to stop filament sticking too well to the bed (or perhaps it was to provide a very thin layer that could more easily be removed from the the bed)

I read the same, I just don’t like the maintenance that goes with it to keep good looking prints. I tried knocking back bed temp to 85 and parts of the print shifted, so I reckon 90 is the sweet spot at least for eSun PETG. Also, in the g-code in advance settings, if initial bed temp is larger than 80, the enclosure fan runs at 100% throughout the print… its really loud, I knocked it back to 75% when the initial bed was 80 deg.